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01 September 2010

That Food Company

M and I have been frequenting a café in our hood for quite a while now. We were planning on having breakfast at home and go to the swap-meet in Belmont but at the last minute, decided to go have a nice breakfast at our local. That Food Company is on King William St in Bayswater and is always good for their massive coffees and their breakfast. They also serve breakfast until 2pm which is good, nothing worse than knowing you have to be there by 10 to have breakfast!

As well as a café they also sell a collection of paintings and home wares and I have seen quite a few paintings in the past that I have liked. Im not too sure if they sell the paintings or change the stock but there always seems to be something different every time we go in there. Otherwise the only thing I find a bit weird with the décor is the fairy lights strung inside. I’m not sure if it irks me that they are fairy lights or the fact that they are coloured fairy lights!
The seats are cane chairs and quite comfortable. There is seating inside as well as two outside areas for you to sit in. The first outside area looks out onto King William Street and the second is towards the back, underneath a patio. In the past we have sat under the patio but there was someone smoking close to us so since then we have always sat inside or looking out onto the street.
When we arrived we already knew what we wanted to order so we went straight up to the cashier. You can also see that they have a big selection of sweet and savoury treats next to the cash register. They are always so tempting and look delicious but we tend to stick to what we like. They make most of the cakes in- house and they also have more substantial meals on the menu like burgers and salads. We ordered two of the “That Big Deal’ ($17.50) which comprises of 2 eggs cooked to your order, two sausages, bacon, grilled tomato, mushrooms, two hash browns, baked beans and toast. We also ordered one cappuccino and one flat white in their big mugs ($5 each).If you want a smaller coffee they are around $3.50 each.

It was such a beautiful morning so after we placed the order,we grabbed a table outside in the sun, looking over King William Street.Not too long after the coffees arrived and I couldn’t tell you how much I was looking forward to it! They use Segafredo coffee and I have never been disappointed with the way they make it, a nice flavour and perfect drinkable temperature.

A short while after our meals arrived to the table and we did our little rearranging. Unfortunately I have developed a bit of an allergy to eggs so I always give M my eggs and also my tomato. I also gave him one of my sausages so his plate was definitely over loaded! M ordered the eggs poached as he loves the runny yoke to spread over his toast and hash browns. 

Their toast is so yummy, with the middle being soft and chewy, and the outside crusty. The bacon was cooked well with a good mixture of crunchy and soft but it was a bit fatty for my liking. The mushrooms are my favourite part as they taste like they have been cooked on a bbq and they aren’t sliced up too small. The hash browns are the ones you buy from the supermarket but they are still delicious and I normally leave them until last.
The baked beans are my least favourite but they add a nice sauce you can dip your leftover bread/hash browns in.

Overall it really is a quality breakfast and you never go home hungry!

LIKES: Good, home cooked meals

DISLIKES: The fairy lights - at least put up gold ones! 

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