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13 September 2010

Cue Bar - Inglewood

After our dinner at Big Bowl we decided to go for a drive and either have a drink somewhere or do something fun. Turned out we could both at the same time! M had been harassing me about going to play pool with him for quite some time and I had always managed to worm my way out of it but, when we drove past Cue Bar in Inglewood, M finally got his way.

The Cue Bar is on the opposite side of the road from the Inglewood and there is plenty of parking out the front.We went inside and one of the first things I noticed was that it was quite busy, but that everybody seemed to be like us, couples or small groups of people just having a drink and playing pool. Yes I did say having a drink! We found out that the Cue Bar is licensed and they have $10 cocktails on Saturday nights. If only M knew about this I would have gone along so much sooner! They also have different drinks specials on during the week including $6 Coronas on Wednesdays and pool competitions on Friday nights.

You pay when you leave but you rent the table by the hour ($14 on peak. $8 off peak). M ordered a Singh beer which is from Thailand and I had a strawberry daiquiri. They then said they would bring our drinks to our table.

We started playing and to be honest, im not going to mention the scores here. It is safe to say that M kicked my butt in every game even though we were playing by our own rules. When I say our rules, I mean that for every one shot M gets, I get two, even if I didn’t pot a ball.

They were playing funky house over the speakers and it had quite a good atmosphere for a pool hall. The service was very good with a friendly waitress asking us if we wanted a new drink and they were quick to take our old ones away.

We ended up staying for 2 hours which equalled 3 games of pool and 2 strawberry daiquiris. Coincidence? Maybe!

We will definitely be coming back here again. It is a good place to go to for a drink, a chat and also play pool. The Cur Bar is at 800 Beaufort Street, Inglewood and it is also open to 1am on Saturday nights. If you wanted more information their website is

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