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09 September 2010

San Churro Leederville

As we drove down Oxford Street it started to rain, luckily for us though we found parking right out the front. Doesn’t happen often on a Friday night in Leederville, obviously fate was taking us there. 

When we walked through the big glass doors we realised how busy it was. Luckily I set my eyes on a table down the back which had just been cleaned. There were plenty of tables inside, maybe even too many, I felt a bit claustrophobic in there. I was glad we had a table for four just for the two of us as I hate feeling like I am sitting in somebody’s lap! We looked at the menu and decided we wanted the Churros for 2 ($13.90), which included one pot of melted “couverture” milk chocolate and one pot of white chocolate. M said he would go up to the counter and place our order and while he was there he ordered me a Spanish hot chocolate and a flat white for himself.

After about 2 minutes, one of the waiters came up with two drinks in his hand. He had a very strong accent so after trying to decipher what he said we realised he was trying to hand over a chilli hot chocolate and cappuccino. We obviously declined them and about 5 minutes later our correct drinks arrived. 

I first noticed how dark and chocolaty Spanish hot chocolate was. They had put two shots of espresso in the flat white which M loved but I don’t know how he can sleep after that!  My Spanish hot chocolate was lovely, very thick and rich. It tasted just like melted chocolate and the consistency wasn’t far off that.  

Our churros arrived not too long after that. We had 6 churros between the two of us and as M only likes white chocolate he quickly claimed the white chocolate pot of dipping chocolate his! The churros weren’t as hot as I was expecting them to be, which I was happy about. They were coated in sugar and crispy on the outside, warm and fluffy on the inside.  I dipped mine into the milk chocolate one first and it was lovely.  I also stole some of M’s white chocolate which was equally as yummy but I preferred the milk chocolate one. The chocolate dips were nice but I don’t think they were big enough! Towards the end of the churros, we were scraping the bottom of the dish to get any remnants left. 

 A close up of the sugar granules on the churros
As a side note, while we were enjoying our churros, a group of girls sat at the table next to us after placing their orders.  After a couple of minutes the waiter came up and again tried to give them a cake and coffee that they hadn’t ordered. We made a joke about it with the girls at the table and then 5 minutes later a different waiter tried to do the same thing again!  I think that because the restaurant was so full, they were trying to take and deliver orders as quickly as possible so that they could have as much customer turnover as possible. 
So overall the churros were good, the service was fast but I think they definitely need to spend a bit more time making sure the correct orders go to the correct people. I would go back there but I think you need to be in a chocolate craving mood!

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