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16 September 2010

Greenwood Hotel

A couple of days before Father’s Day I had a call from my mum to say that my family would be having a Father’s Day lunch at the Greenwood Hotel. The Greenwood Hotel is located on Warwick Road in Greenwood, right near the Greenwood shops and not too far off the Warwick Road Freeway exit. I had heard quite a few positive reviews about Greenwood Hotel so I was quite looking forward to it.

M and I arrived and saw that my family had already been seated. They then told us about the debacle they had been through to get seated. In my dad’s words “When we first arrived there were 2 girls talking behind the counter. We stood there for about two minutes while they talked; then they just turned and walked off, totally ignoring us.  We then walked across to a bloke and asked which table we had been allocated.He then simply pointed and said number 20 over there. I couldn't believe my ears.”
My family then grabbed the menu’s themselves for the table.This wasn’t even bad service, more like no common courtesy. The inside of the Greenwood is quite nice and has a lot of natural light coming through the windows. It isn’t a dingy pub by any means and is actually quite large on the inside.

When we arrived M and I placed our order for the drinks first with M ordering a beer and a Bulmer’s cider for me. I did like the fact that they had this on tap, It was perfectly refreshing!

After looking at the menu we had to go up to the counter and place our orders. They did have a specials menu but it wasn’t really “lunch time” type foods with all the meals being quite heavy. In the end I decided to have the steak sandwich ($16.50) which was described on the menu as “tender steak, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, sautéed onion and tomato sauce, served with a side of golden fries”. This seemed to be the most popular choice of the day with M and the majority of our table ordering the same.

My dad had the Eye Fillet Steak ($34.90) which was on the menu as “Grilled to your liking served on sautéed garlic and herb potatoes with broccolini and your choice of pepper sauce, mushroom sauce, a simple jus or hollandaise”.He ordered it with pepper sauce and served medium.

My mum ordered the Chicken Involitini ($33.00) which was “Chicken breast filled with prosciutto wrapped prawn served on a citrus risotto with broccolini and Hollandaise” and my Nan had the Caesar Salad, main size with chicken ($21.90).

The meals came out in a reasonable amount of time, close to about 20 mins, and the steak sandwiches arrived first. I first noticed the amount of bacon that was spilling out the sides of the sandwich. There was also quite a bit of salad inside and a decent piece of steak. This was no problem for M or my brother but I found it quite difficult to eat as it was so big. I ended up eating each item of the sandwich separately using my knife and fork. The consensus of the table was that there was so much bacon, it was really a bacon sandwich with steak. Normally it should enhance the flavour of the sandwich but it seemed to dominate the flavour of the sandwich. I ended up eating the steak, bacon and the salad as the bread was about an inch thick and wasn’t particularly fresh. The chips which came with the meal were cooked well and had a nice taste to them. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, just the way I like them!
Notice the bacon spilling out?
The steak, chicken and Caesar salad came out a couple of minutes after the sandwiches. The Caesar salad looked quite nice and fresh and had a perfectly poached egg on the top. The steak and chicken also looked good with the sauces poured over the meals. After my Dad had finished his meal he commented on the fact that his steak wasn’t very tender and thought it was quite expensive in hindsight for what he got. 

The Caesar Salad with Chicken
Chicken Involitini
 Eye Fillet Steak
I know my Nana liked her Caesar salad but she wasn’t able to finish it off as it was so big.

Upon looking at a poster about half way through our meal, we noticed that they were giving away gifts to all fathers. We assumed this would be given to us after we had finished our meal but when they seated another party next to us and handed them their gifts we decided to ask for ours. It ended up being a card and a stubby holder, better than nothing!

I mostly enjoyed the meal we had at the Greenwood but I think it was more the company that I enjoyed rather than the food or the service. I wouldn’t rush to go back there if I was making the decision but would go there if somebody else wanted to.

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