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06 September 2010

The Cabin Wine Bar & Bistro

M and I decided early in the week that we were going to go to the Jazz Cellar in Mt Hawthorn for the first time on the following Friday night. We have been loving Jazz music recently and all week I was looking forward to going to the Jazz Cellar. Imagine my disappointment then when we got there just before 7pm to be told it was a full house! We still went inside and spoke to the gentleman who runs the place and he suggested coming back next week but around 5:00pm. Seeing that we were all dressed up with nowhere to go, we decided to head on over to the Cabin Wine Bar and Bistro which was just down the road.
The Cabin was one of those places that when M and I had seen it advertised or driven past we always said “we should go there” but never really thought about it much more than that. I also didn’t know it was targeted at over 25’s which, as I am 25 in a matter of weeks, I am loving. There is nothing worse than feeling like the oldest person in the place!

Of the first things we noticed when walking in was the d├ęcor they had used to set the scene. There was a fireplace in the doorway and pictures hanging on the walls which really make you feel like you have walked into a ski lodge in the mountains. We then noticed how busy the place was, with not a free table in the place.

After taking a walk around, we found a long table outside that we could share with another couple that were on the other side. Luckily it wasn’t a very cold night but they also had heaters outside which took any chill out the air. After a couple of minutes an attentive staff member walked by and offered to get us a menu so we could see the food and beverages they had on offer.

M decided to have a glass of the house Shiraz they had on offer ($12) and I decided on their sparkling rose they had on offer ($12). Sorry, I should have written down the names of what we ordered! Our waiter came and took our order and money and was back in a matter of minutes with our change. After about 10 minutes our drinks arrived to our table.

Love my purple sparkly clutch!
We weren’t really impressed with our drinks (possibly the reason I didn’t note the names) and after looking at the menu there wasn’t anything that stood out. What we did like about the place was that it had such a good vibe, not pretentious at all and it was a nice place to go for a drink and a chat. As it was so busy we had 3 other couples all within earshot but it didn’t feel like we were on top of each other or that we had to talk quieter than normal.

We were originally going to get some dessert there but after seeing the menu, we decided to go into Leederville and go to San Churro (an upcoming post!).

We didn’t realise it at the time, but after looking at the website for The Cabin we realised it is owned by the same company who owns the Suite in Subiaco. I can definitely see the similarities and when we went to the Suite we were really impressed with their coffee! I really want to go to the Suite for a meal, must remember to keep that in mind.

LIKES: The laidback vibe, the service
DISLIKES: The drink prices being on the more expensive side

*We have been taking swing dancing classes lately and we have even booked a jazz band for our wedding. More on that another time!

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