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27 September 2010

Coode Street Cafe

One glorious Sunday morning, around 9am, M and I wanted to go out for breakfast but didn’t want to venture to far away from home. After doing some investigative work, and looking at their menu online, we decided to go to the Coode Street Café in Mount Lawley.

The Coode Street café is surrounded by houses so your only option is parking on the street. We pulled up at the front of the café and saw that there were quite a few empty tables out the front (good!) but no parking (bad!). After doing another lap we were lucky when a car that was parked directly out the front, pulled away. After getting out of the car and closer to the empty tables out the front of the café, we realised that they all had little reserved signs on them. After speaking to one of the waiters, he found us a table outside which was reserved for 11am. It was only about 9:30 at this time so that was perfect.

Even though we saw the menu online we still had another look once we sat down at our table. After recently discovering that I am allergic to egg I have found it quite difficult going out for breakfast. Normally I have been ordering the “big breakfast” type dish and giving M my eggs. So I was glad to be going somewhere where there is quite a bit of range in dishes. Coode Street café have the usual mix of bacon and egg dishes along side muesli, fruit salads and hotcakes. Although those were all quite tempting I decided on the croissant with ham and Swiss cheese ($9.00), with sides of mushrooms and bacon ($3.00 each). M had the poached eggs and bacon ($13.00) with gourmet beans on the side ($3.00). We also ordered a vanilla milkshake ($5.50) between the two of us and a cappuccino for me and flat white for M (both $3.70). They have a big range of fresh juices and smoothies, including having the option of a Berroca mixed in with them! I must remember that when I am looking for a hangover cure breakfast.

I was quite happy that the milkshake came out first as I was really craving some milk. It had a lovely taste to it but it wasn’t anywhere near as good as the milkshakes we got at Millpoint Café and Bookstore. After that the coffees came out and they had a nice flavour to them too. They weren’t too hot either, perfect temperature to drink them. The only negative was that there was no sugar on the table; they were just served with a sugar sachet. That is fine with me but M normally has two sugars in his coffee. Nothing major, just a small thing we noticed.

While we were waiting for our meals to arrive we noticed that there was a double storey house across the road, with a dog on the balcony looking at everyone’s meals! Poor dog, smelling all the bacons and sausages without being able to have any!

M’s meal arrived first and I was quite surprised to see the beans, having just assumed they would be Heinz baked beans from a can. These were beans of all different sizes and they had a spicy type flavour to them too.

My meal came out not long after and I realised they had given me beans instead of a side of bacon. When I spoke to the waitress they just took my beans away and replaced it with some bacon a minute or two later. My croissant was flaky, crunchy and soft and it was lovely with the mushrooms and bacon. M’s poached eggs were perfectly poached and as soon as he pricked the eggs the yolk ran over his bread.

When we got up and went inside to pay our bill, we saw that they had a big range of cakes, slices, muffins, sandwiches and other treats they people can choose from. They all looked really delicious so we will have to go back there for lunch one day!

We will definitely be going back to Coode Street café, the service was good and the food was even better.

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  1. Have heard only good things about this place.
    Going out for brekkie is my favourite!!