Perth Girl About Town

29 September 2010


As mentioned in a previous post, last week I was in Dampier for two days. I have been to Dampier quite a few times and I don’t mind it. The worst part of the trip was the 5:25am flight to get there!

I stayed at the Peninsula Palms which is basic accommodation on the esplanade in Dampier. There are two things I look for when deciding where to stay when I travel for work; those are that the place is clean and secure. Glad to say that the Peninsula Palms had both of those qualities! To be honest, there has only been one hotel which hasn’t met those two criteria’s in the past (I am looking at you Greenwich Inn in Sydney!). 

As Dampier is situated on the water I think it is quite a pretty town. Even Karratha (which is only about 20 mins away) isn’t too bad. Anyway, below are some pictures from my recent trip, including a picture of my dinner from the mess hall at the Peninsula Palms. Enjoy! 


  1. looks like a good trip

    I have tagged you!

    (though no pressure if you don't want to!)

  2. Hi all, I worked at Peninsula palms for seven years I live in Brisbane now but my heart still belongs to Dampier and the Pilbara