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06 October 2010


Japanese has to be one of my favourite foods and so when one night I had a hankering for some sushi, we decided to go to ZushiBento in Ascot. We previously had received their menu in the junk mail (just quickly, how awesome is junk mail <3) so we knew roughly what they had on their menu and the prices. 

When we arrived we parked out the back and were pretty impressed by the front.  There are quite a few bamboo trees and a big sign out the front with the name of the restaurant on it. It made the inside of the restaurant look inviting too. 

We were greeted by a waitress when we walked in and she directed us to a table of two, as well as handing us the menus. It wasn’t too busy that night but and on the inside of the restaurant there was a traditional dining area, where you can take your shoes off and eat at the low table. That would be fun with a big group of people! 

We looked over the menus and decided to have Gyoza ($7.90) and Yakitori ($5.90) for entrĂ©e.  Gyoza is a dumpling which is lightly fried on the outside and should be chewy on the inside. As I didn’t have the best day at work, I was delighted to see that they had the Japanese beer Asahi on the menu. Imagine my disappointment then when we discovered they didn’t have a liquor licence yet. Oh well, I shouldn’t have really been drinking on a school night anyway! They do allow BYO but we were too lazy to drive anywhere else to buy alcohol.

M decided on the Katsu Don ($12.90) for his main meal but when I saw the Tiger Roll ($15.90) I was sold. I love all types of seafood so when I saw a sushi roll with tempura prawns in the middle and more prawns on top, it really is a dish with my name on it! 

The entrees arrived quite quickly and we ate them even quicker! So I didn’t end up taking photos of them but they were yummy. They had a side salad on the side and M was so hungry that he ate that to!

Our mains weren’t too long after and I definitely think I made the right choice in what I had.  My sushi was lovely and fresh with the prawn in the middle and on the top. it also had a chilli mayonnaise on the plate to dip the sushi in. M’s Katsu Don looked nice but not as nice as my Tiger Roll.  It had big pieces of chicken covered in egg and sauce. M liked it quite a bit but he was eyeing off my dinner. 

I would definitely go back to ZushiBento. We found no problems with the service, the price was good  and the food was fresh and delicious. 

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  1. The buffet night on Saturday night was quite good. Wouldn't say it's purely Japanese as there was lots of Chinese and Malay dishes as well.