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22 December 2010

The Breakwater - Hillarys Marina

So one sunny Sunday K and I decided to head north towards The Breakwater at Hillary’s Boat Harbour. It turned out to be a great day as one of my oldest friends G was there with a group. 
I grew up in the northern suburbs but moved away when I bought my house.  Because of this, I hadn’t been to the Breakwater since it had its major overhaul.  It is quite nice inside and it had an upper level for functions, as well as plenty of outside seating. First of all we decided to grab some drinks and with it being such a warm day I was in a cider type mood. This mood quickly disappeared when I discovered all that they had was Five Seeds. I find that Five Seeds cider is quite sickly sweet so after perusing the beverage list I decided on the Jacobs Creek 3 Vines Rose ($9). 

It was so beautiful sitting in the sun over the water with some good friends and a glass of wine.  

It was after lunch but none of us had eaten so we went and grabbed the bar menu.  I decided on the Seafood platter ($25) which consisted of salt and pepper calamari, Seared scallops, beer batter barramundi, garlic prawns and roll mops. 

K decided on one of the gourmet pizzas ($19) which had the following toppings; bocconcini, roma tomato, basil & kalamata olives. G didn’t order any food but his friends ordered the salt and pepper squid ($21) with some chips ($8). 

My seafood platter was really nice (well except the rollmops but G had those) and K really liked her pizza. So the food disappeared quite quickly between all of us. 
I don’t think I would go out of my way to head up there when I have so many good pubs closer to home but I had such a good time chatting, drinking and sitting in the sun with some good friends that I would definitely go back if they wanted to.

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21 December 2010

Intermission Time...

So I know I have been awfully quiet of late. I have been super busy with Christmas (I cant believe it is only 4 days away!), wedding plans (who knew a wedding took up so much time?) and getting a brand new job!
So 2011 will be a big change for me and I am definitely looking forward to the challenges and new experiences it will bring! 
Hopefully I will get some more time in the next couple of days as I have so much to write about including meals all over Perth including The Breakwater and the Duckstein.

15 December 2010

Dr Pepper Jelly Bellys!

I know quite a few people don’t like Dr Pepper but I absolutely love it. I also have tried Dr Pepper Berries & Cream, Diet Dr Pepper and Dr Pepper Cherry Vanilla and love them just as much.
So when I was purchasing a Xmas present off USA Foods I also ordered some of these bad boys….

They taste just like Dr Pepper and even though I don’t like jelly beans I am loving these.

06 December 2010

Old Perth Road Markets - Bassendean

The Sunday before last I woke up with a spring in my step so I went down the road and bought M and I some coffees and a newspaper before heading to Bassendean to check out the Old Perth Road Markets. 

The Old Perth Road Markets are held the last Sunday of every month except his month it will be on the 18th of December this month due to Christmas.  They close down the road and have stalls of all different varieties including beauty products, food stalls, craft stalls and even one which had leather made from Cane Toads! 

It was quite a warm day so when we walked past this Tropical Sno van we stopped and got a cup full of the flavoured ice. The flavour was Blue Raspberry and we got a small cup which was only $2.50. It was a nice treat for a hot day. 

If you want some more information on the Old Perth Road Markets click here for their website.

04 December 2010

Beaufort Street Festival

It seems like such a long time ago but a week ago today was the Beaufort Street Festival. I was there early to help with the set up of the Never Never Lane and the Big Paste Up.
It was such a great day and I met some awesome people along the way. I’m not sure what else to say about it other than I am looking forward to the next one! Here are some pictures below but if you want more they are on the Perth Girl About Town’s facebook page!

A Perth Girl Visit to the Goldfields

So I had to go to Kalgoorlie for a couple of days recently and even though it was on the bottom of my wish list I don’t mind Kalgoorlie. In terms of a mining town it really isn’t that bad. I have been to Kalgoorlie a couple of times and I have previously toured the Langtrees brothel there which was definitely a an eye-opener but interesting.
I stayed at a hotel called the View on Hannan’s which is located on Hannan Street. The hotel was quite nice and they had a restaurant on the side called The Blue Monkey which I was keen to try for breakfast when I saw they had a sign out the front reading “Best Coffee in Town”. So I went inside and got a table.
I looked at the menu and it is heavily based around egg dishes. I ended up deciding on a cappuccino and a croissant ($5.50) without butter and jam but with mushrooms and bacon on the side ($3.50 for each side).
The coffee was served and I was immediately disappointed to discover it was Grinders coffee. Just a personal preference but I don’t like Grinders at all. It is owned by Coca Cola and it can be purchased at supermarkets. I found the coffee to be bitter and not smooth at all.

Then my breakfast was served.  I don’t understand why it had a pile of bean sprouts in the middle but that wasn’t my main concern. They had cut my croissant and toasted it. Not good. Aren’t croissants meant to be light, fluffy and flaky? Not dry and burnt. The worst thing is that I didn’t even have any butter to put on it as I had said I didn’t need any.  The mushrooms weren’t cooked properly either. When I took them out of the bowl they were served in, it had a pool of black liquid.
So I ended up eating less than half of the croissant, the bacon and a little of the mushrooms. The mug of coffee was left over half full.  Thank god I had a good book (Portia De Rossi - Unbearable Lightness, loved it and finished it in two days!).
Anyway, I will leave you with some of my pictures of Kalgoorlie, including a couple of the Super Pit.