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29 August 2010

Galaxy Drive In, Under the stars!

So one of the reasons I started this blog was to showcase some of the activities you can do  in Perth. I hear a lot of people say there isn’t anything to do. I don’t believe this but I do think you just have to work harder to find things to do.

So last night we went to the Galaxy Drive In in Kingsley. I love the drive ins! It is so cheap compared to the normal movies as it is $10 per person and that includes two movies on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.
Plus, you can take anything you want into there which you can't do at the normal cinemas. So we took some drinks, and a mixture of sweet and savoury treats. We have a 4wd so we loaded the back with two doonas, 6 pillows and our ugg boots. We were very cosy!

They have come a long way from when you had to place the speaker in your car. You now tune your radio to their station and the sound is perfect. Half of the thrill is definitely the atmosphere. We were rugged up in the back of our car, we could talk and it is so good knowing you are not sitting next to some random!

The movies were Salt and Karate Kid and it started at 7pm with a 15minute intermission between the two films. Salt was good but Karate Kid was dismal! Oh well.

So they place what is showing and what is coming up on their website and the movies change every couple of weeks. You can also purchase hot food and drinks from their little shop there if you didn’t bring anything.

Likes: Being able to have your own space and the ability to take any food or drinks (including alcohol!)

Dislikes: Bad movies which don’t compare to the original!

Galaxy Drive In
159 Goollelal Dr
Kingsley WA 6026
(08) 9409 9664

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Millpoint Caffe & Bookstore

So M and I yesterday went to see a photographer for our wedding in May. She was lovely and we booked her after having a chat and seeing some of her work. It is good to cross another thing off the list. So that makes it a grand total of two things organised! Well three if you count the ceremony/reception as two different things.

Anyway, as it was such a beautiful day and as we were feeling accomplished, we thought we should go out for lunch somewhere. M suggested the Millpoint Caffe and Bookstore as he had gone there once with some friends and he was really impressed by the size of their milkshakes. I was happy because it mixed two of my favourite things, books and food!

As we walked in we were greeted by the waitresses and we could see a selection of sandwiches and rolls in the fridge out the front of the café. The waitress then informed us they also have a menu we could order from so we took a menu and got a table in the beautiful outside area. They have a big variety of options, including salads, sandwiches and Turkish breads as well more substantial meals including burgers and pastas. I also saw they have quite a good breakfast menu which is served until 3pm. What was strange was that I realised M was the only male sitting outside! All the other people were group of females sitting and having a coffee/meal. Nothing wrong with that but it just struck me as strange.

After going through all the options, M decided on a Steak Burger ($15.50) and comprised of steak, fried onions, Swiss cheese, bacon, beetroot, tomato, & Dijon mustard with a salad on the side. I really wanted the Toasted turkey, brie & avocado sandwich ($10) but ended up deciding on the Smoked Salmon Bagel ($15.50) which had cream cheese and capers with a garden salad on the side. We also ordered a banana milkshake and spearmint milkshake and they were $5.50 each.

M had sat down for about 2 minutes when our milkshakes came out and they were huge! I couldn’t believe how big they were! It must have been close to 1 litre of milk. They were so nice to have on a warm day and the banana one was made with just the right ratio of milk to ice-cream to flavouring.

Not too long after our meals arrived at our table and I immediately had menu envy. There was nothing wrong with the bagel that I had ordered but I just wished I had gone with my first thought of ordering the Turkey Turkish roll. Anyway, the bagel was nice but had a bit too much cream cheese for my liking. M loved his steak sandwich and even commented that it was the best steak sandwich in Perth. I’m not sure about that but it looked like it had a good mixture of salad and steak.

The garden salad on the side was just a simple salad comprising of fancy lettuce, tomato and capsicum with a balsamic dressing.

Once we had finished our meals, the plates were taken away quite quickly by a very polite waitress asking us how are meals were. We were going to have a coffee after our meals but after we saw our mammoth milkshakes we couldn’t stomach the idea of any more milk!

The Millpoint Caffe and Bookstore is definitely a lovely place to go for a nice lunch with seats inside as well as an outside area. The staff were lovely and attentive which is always a good thing. We will definitely be going back there, especially if we are in the mood for a milkshake.

Likes: Quick, friendly service

Dislikes: Wishing you had ordered something different! Oh well, next time

Their menu is on their website if you wanted to see there other food options.

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Yipkee Noodle House

What a beautiful couple of days we have had this weekend! So my weekend started off with going out for dinner with my fiancé M. We live in the Bayswater/Maylands area so we went to a little noodle house called Yip Kee Noodle in Maylands. It is a very simple place and to be honest, the first time we went there we didn't like it. Maybe we were expecting it to be better? Who knows. Anyway, a couple of months ago we tried it again and now we frequent this place quite often when we want a cheap/easy dinner.

From the outside it looks a bit dingy but when you walk in you will notice it has nice wooden floors with simple Australian/Chinese décor around the place. By Australian décor I mean it has surf life saving uniforms up on the walls, it is quite weird when you start to think about it too much!

Anyway, we placed our order, which were one dish of Beef Rendang and steamed rice and another dish of BBQ Pork Soup Noodles. Both of the dishes were only $10 which is very good value! We also got an iced tea and honeycomb bubble tea.

The iced tea arrived at our table quite quickly and about 10 minutes later the dishes arrived at our table. I have taken a picture of the noodles we ordered by M was starving and dived into his meal before I could even get my camera out!
Both meals were nice, I had the BBQ Pork Soup noodles (pictured below) and it was good. It had big pieces of Bok Choy and of course, BBQ pork in the noodles. One thing I would have liked though is a soup spoon to try and drink the broth with.

Anyway, we had both finished our meals and we still didn’t have the bubble tea. M went and asked for it and it then came out very quickly so I think they must have forgotten about it. The bubble tea was ok but I have to admit I am not the biggest fan of them.

We then left and payed for our meals which came to $28 for the two meals plus the iced tea and bubble tea which isn’t too bad!

Yipkee is definitely a family restaurant and is also BYO. It is cash only payment which is quite annoying but there are ATM’s across the road which is easy enough.

Likes: Cheap & easy
Dislikes: Having to pay cash, get with the times!So it is a good place to go if you want something quick, cheap and easy but don’t expect any stand out meals.

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23 August 2010

C'est Si Bon!

Hello, welcome to my first ever post. I hope to come back here regularly, to write about my upcoming wedding (May 2011), my adventures around Perth (not as boring as some might think) and life in general. So for now, have a good day and we'll chat soon!