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12 October 2010

Glasgow Curry House Currumbine

Last Saturday night M and I had to go to my parent’s house to feed their dog because they are on a cruise (lucky things!).  As my parents live in the Joondalup area it gave us the perfect opportunity to have dinner at a restaurant we have been talking about, the Glasgow Curry House in Currumbine
We called that day to make a booking and they originally couldn’t fit us in but luckily for us they had a cancellation.  We arrived a couple of minutes before our 7pm booking and were shown to our table. The décor inside is quite simple but nice. I did think it would look a bit better with some paintings on the walls but otherwise it had a nice feel to the place. 

The menu is quite extensive and there are quite a few options for you to choose from.  We ordered two lemon lime & bitters first ($4) and tried to decide on what we were going to have for entrée and mains.  We had a gentleman come up to us and we asked him what he would recommend and he spoke about many of the different meals on the menu, it was nice to have someone knowledgeable on the dishes they serve! We ended up ordering the Onion Baji ($8), Meat Samosa ($4.95) and the Fish Amritsari Pakora ($11.90). The Fish Pakora dish consists of pieces of fish with salt, pepper, lime juice and spices, then deep fried.  For our mains we ordered a jumbo Garlic Naan ($5), Prawn Ceylonese Korma ($22.90) and the Tandoori Mixed Grill ($31.00). The Tandoori Mixed Grill included Tandoori Chicken, Chiken Tikka, Seekh Kebad, Lamb Tikka, rice and came out on a sizzling plate. Yum! 
Onion Baji
Meat Samosa

Fish Pekora

The entrée’s came out so quickly it felt like we had barely put our menu’s down! The Onion Baji’s came out as small balls of onion, with a cucumber yoghurt dip. These were quite nice! The samosa was one big one and was served with a red sauce which tasted a bit like a mix of tomato sauce, mayonnaise and chilli. I liked this but thought it would be better if it was half the size and served as two instead of one giant one. It had a nice mixture of meat and spices though. The best came out last with the Fish Pakora. The fish inside was beautiful and soft with a delicious tasting batter on the outside. Definitely recommend this dish! 
Tandoori Mixed Grill
The mains were a bit of a wait, not excessive, just a bit longer than normal. The Tandoori came out first with it’s sizzling plate! It did look yummy with all the different dishes on top. This was followed by the rice, the huge Naan bread and then my Prawn Korma.  To be honest, by this stage I was quite full. We definitely had bigger eyes than stomachs! I tried the dishes on the Tandoori plate and they were nice, each had a different flavour and were spicy without being too hot. The Prawn Korma was yummy, it had big prawns in the sauce but I was a bit disappointed by the fact the prawns still had their tail on.
I ended up ripping the Garlic Naan apart and dipping it in the Korma. The bread buttery, garlicky and absolutely delicious!
Jumbo Garlic Naan
Prawn Korma
M finished off the Tandoori plate but we hardly touched the Prawn Korma. Luckily for us they wrapped it up with the rice and we took it home for breakfast the next day.

Although I don’t think I would drive all the way up there just for a meal, I was glad we went there and if I was in the area I would definitely be going back! 

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  1. Hi PerthGirl,

    Tried this restaurant last week and it was fantastic the mix grill was my fav thanx for posting a blog about this restaurant as we are from the UK and this Indian is just the tonic we needed after being homesick.


  2. Hi Tony,

    I am glad you liked it! Thanks for the comment.

  3. Hi PerthGirl thanx a million for the review on the restaurant. To be honest i dont know why people are saying some negative comments about this place as we found the staff tripping over themselves to accomodate us.
    The food is to die for my personal fav is the chickem Madras tried the mix grill too just one word WOW. Thanks again this is my local now.


  4. Fantastik go regularly the breads are amazing the Goat and lamb is to die for. I have recommended this to so many people and all loved the food as we do. Going again this evening. If we are really busy we buy the take away. Just as good as in the restuarant. Love my Indian food and if you do too you will be well pleased if you make the effort to go there