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19 September 2010

Pony Express O

As mentioned in previous posts, I do love my coffee in the morning. I also like to get out of the office and have a gossip with L, one of my workmates. After hearing about Pony Express O, one Friday we decided to take the longer walk and go to Mayfair Street in West Perth.

I drive past Mayfair street everyday on my way to and from work but too be honest, I had never noticed this little hidden gem and, I admit, we were actually a bit lost when we first tried to find the entrance (it is from the back, away from the street).

For those not in the know, Pony Express O is an old stable turned coffee shop. When you walk in you will first notice the fake lawn on the floor and the vines on your right, which have plastic insects all over it.

Upon walking through the entrance it is more confusing still with no clear sign on where you place your order. L and I walked back and forth between the two open doors, trying to work out where the counter was. The gentleman behind the coffee machine obviously realised we were new to the place and explained the system. We placed our orders with him (cappuccino and flat white) and if you have the right change, which we luckily did, you place it in a steel chute which is next to the barista. The coffees were $4 each.

There is plenty of seating inside with long wooden benches inside and wooden stools on the outside. There isn’t much in way of food you can purchase there, except for a couple of slices and bars. I did however notice a sign welcoming people to bring their lunch in there!

The coffee took about 5 minutes to be ready and in that time there were quite a few people coming in to place their coffee orders, some even bringing their own cups. Quite the place to be on a Friday morning it seemed!
The coffee was lovely, perfect temperature and not bitter at all. The only thing I didn’t like about the set up was that the sugar, if you wanted it, was behind the barista, which made me feel a bit awkward, like I was getting in his way!

Usually when people talk about coffee in West Perth it is all about Epic Espresso on Outram Street but I definitely think Pony Express is up there with the best. 

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