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11 November 2010

Tom Price Hotel Motel

As mentioned in a previous post, I was in Paraburdoo and Tom Price at the start of this week. I went there for work and to be honest, it was a bit of a waste of time. The drive between the two places is about an hour long and it is a lot of this…

… with some cows along the way. 

I stayed at the Tom Price Hotel Motel and after reading some of the reviews on the internet, I am glad I read them after I was there rather than beforehand.  My bathroom had just been renovated and a bit weirdly, when I arrived, the tradesman actually mentioned that if I needed anything adjusted in the bathroom to give him a call as he had just finished in there. Righto. 

Anyway, it wasn’t too bad; I have stayed in worse places. It has a restaurant/ bar attached to the hotel which serves all meals. I ordered my dinner there (below) and it was alright. I had Surf N Turf ($38.00) and the steak was a bit fatty. Also, it was advertised as coming with salad but what constitutes a salad? Half a lettuce leaf and a quarter of a tomato? You might also spot the lovely bedspread from my room in the background. Rather than sit with the riff raff I decided to ask for take away and have it watching television. Paradise...sort of.

I did go back in the morning to get my breakfast and lunch but used my better judgement. The fruit on offer looked quite old and had quite a few brown tinges. The bananas were completely brown.  Not nice! I was surprised to discover though that the Coles is open to 7pm and my little IGA in Bayswater is only open to 6pm.  So maybe Tom Price does have its advantages somewhere.

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