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03 November 2010

Bellisa Cafe - Bedford

After a reasonably quiet Saturday night, M and I were keen to go out for breakfast but wanted try somewhere new. After looking around on the web, we decided to go to Bellisa CafĂ© in Bedford.        
It was a fairly busy Sunday morning but when we walked in we were greeted and sat at a table in the middle of the room. There were quite a few people there so I placed my coffee order as soon as I could to ensure it arrived as quickly as possible! I ordered a cappuccino and M ordered a flat white, both in mugs ($4). 

We perused the menu while we were waiting for our coffees to come out. We had looked at the menu online before arriving but the menu changes every month so there were a few nice surprises! I was very impressed that there were so many choices for breakfast that doesn’t evolve around eggs! Apart from the bircher muesli and the ricotta hotcakes, there was a bagel with crispy bacon, cream cheese, avocado, roquette leaves and mushrooms($18), Sold! M ordered the Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon ($20).  

The waiters were quick to take our food order and our coffee orders arrived soon after that. I don’t know if it was because I was dying for a coffee but it was one of the best coffees I had had in a long time!  You know it is good when you have to pace yourself drinking it as you don’t want it to be over! M and I were both impressed. 

While we were talking about how great the coffee was, we were then presented with our meals. The presentation of the meals was wonderful, especially the avocado on the bagel. 

M pierced his poached eggs and they oozed with yolk, cooked just the way he likes it! When his mouth wasn’t full of food he was commenting on how delicious his food was! I started on my meal by eating the mushrooms first and then pushing the bagel down so I could cut it in half and actually fit it in my mouth! It was such a good combination of flavours. The cream cheese added a different element and it balanced out a bit of the saltiness of the bacon. The only tiny flaw I could pick was that the bacon was a bit fatty but hey, you don’t eat bacon for its health benefits!

Upon leaving we discovered you can purchase a copy of the Sunday Times to enjoy with your breakfast. I know that isn’t ground breaking stuff but it is the small things which can impress!

Bellisa Cafe also serves lunch and is open for dinner on Friday and Saturday nights. Currently they are BYO alcohol.  Just remember the menu changes monthly so what is on the website might be incorrect. 

I would definitely recommend anyone in the area to head down there for a good breakfast. We enjoyed our meals so much M even suggested that this be our new local for Sunday breakfast. I will definitely be back, not only because of the great service but for the great coffee and food!  

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