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11 November 2010

Katong Singaporean

M does a lot of work in the hospitality industry and so he hears about a lot of great restaurants opening or revamping. I don’t complain as it means we get to go out and try a lot of new places which we wouldn’t have heard of otherwise! So one Friday night, when we were deciding where to go, we used the opportunity try Katong Singaporean, located in City Beach.  Katong used to be in Floreat but they have just recently moved to City Beach, next door to The Groper and His Wife. 

We arrived at about 6:30pm and grabbed a couple of ciders from the liquor store next door as it is BYO alcohol. Once we sat down we were given menus, along with a bottle of water and some glasses with ice.
After perusing the menu and getting a recommendation from one of the friendly waiters, we decided to order some Beef Samosas ($6) for entrée. For mains we ordered the Marinated Beef Pork ($22), large Fried Rice ($12) and the Chef’s special - Spare Ribs with their speciality sauce ($24). 

While we were waiting for our meals to arrive the table next to us were audibly oohing and ahhing over how good their food was, luckily for us, we weren’t too far behind them!  

Two beef samosas came out with a homemade chilli sauce so M and I grabbed one each. First of all I tried it without any of the chilli sauce as it looked quite hot. They were incredible! It tasted like they used very good quality mince as it had lots of flavour.  I then tried the chilli sauce and was surprised with how much flavour was in the sauce, not too much heat either. 

When the main dishes were served I sneakily held onto the chilli sauce as I wanted to use it over the other dishes! The marinated pork came out first and it was totally different to how I expected it to be. I loved the fresh salad they put over the dish, it almost highlighted how fresh the dish was. The meat was so tender and had a beautiful marinade. 

The ribs were next with a sticky special sauce over the top. This was M’s choice as he had heard such good things about their ribs. There really is only one way to heat ribs so we picked them up with our hands and proceeded to get the sauce all over our fingers! I was surprised at how much meat and how little bone there was. They were delicious! 
 The highlight for me (along with the chilli sauce) was the fried rice. From the picture you will see that it looks like any other fried rice you might get from the local Chinese restaurant but this had a unique taste to it. I can't even explain how good it was or what it tasted like. To top it off I put some of the chilli sauce on top of the rice, heaven! 

We went to Katong a month or so ago and in that time we have been back a couple of times.  The service is good but the food is delicious! Definitely a winner.

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