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18 November 2010

V Burger Bar

Has anyone bought anything off Jump On it? It is a website which offers daily deals on various items and last week they had an offer for V Burger Bar in Vic Park. The offer was 2 burgers of our choice, chips and a drink for $19, usually $43. Bargain! So M and I headed down there before we went to Telethon last Saturday night.

We rang ahead and we were told to come down at 8:45 as the crowd would have died down by then. They might have jinxed themselves with that talk! After struggling to find parking we walked in just as one of the staff members was wiping down a table, perfect!

We grabbed two menus and after much back and forth-ing between a couple of options on the menu I decided on the Avocado Chicken which has chicken, salad, guacamole and aioli. M found it hard to choose between the Eggy Steaky (which includes, apart from the obvious egg and steak, brie cheese, onion jam and salad) and the Blue Mushy. He ended up deciding upon the Blue Mushy which features beef, melted blue cheese, a field mushroom and salad.
Luckily we ordered when we did as we had just sat down when a group of 10 people came in and placed their orders. We had no idea how popular this place would be!

The bowls of chips came out first. They were ok, but they weren’t anything memorable either. They lacked any salt but that was on the table so that was ok. They also had bottles of tomato sauce available for use, which I abused obviously from my message I wrote to M on my plate! 

The burgers came out swiftly after that. M dived straight into his and straight away he was pleased. He loved the big patty of meat with the mushrooms. He said it was the best burger he has had, which is a big call! Apologies for the shitty picture of the Blue Mushy burger, I had to take it quickly as M was ravishing and would have bitten my fingers off had I left them there long enough.  

One of the first things I did with my burger was take the tomato out; I don’t like it in big slices like that. Then I cut mine in half so that I could hold it and took a big bite. It was nice to have the flavour of the guacamole with the aioli mixed with the tender piece of chicken. You could definitely taste the freshness of all of the ingredients. The servings are really big, I only ended up eating half of my burger and only a few of the chips. M was so full from his he couldn’t finish mine which is a massive accomplishment! 

Will we be back? I know M has already spoken about going back so he can try the Eggy Steaky so if he gets his way we will be there soon! 

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  1. You've made me hungry!

    Hmmm... Alfred's or this....

  2. I would prefer V Burger Bar. Alfred's is ok but it is always so busy now! Plus Alfred's is more the type of burger you get at 1 in the morning before you go home :-)