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05 January 2011

Surf Cats - Catamaran Hire South Perth

Although it is raining here in Perth today the weather over the weekend was boiling hot! Something M and I had been talking about doing was heading down to the South Perth foreshore and hire catamarans, on Monday we got our chance! 

The catamarans are located on the South Perth foreshore, right near the Boatshed Restaurant. The prices vary depending on how long you want, we hired it for an hour and it was $35 but two hours is $60. 

The boat holds 3 and they have life jackets there if you think you'll require one.
We went out there at about 2pm and the seabreeze had started to kick in. M did most of the steering and keeping hold of the sail but the waves made us get wet pretty quickly. Especially when it came to turn around, as the sail moved position I layed down and got completely soaked. Luckily when M mentioned taking towels with us I payed attention! I definitely want to do this again.

If you want more information their website is

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  1. Were they easy to steer? We live just up the road & I keep thinking 'I should do that'... but then I don't because I'm a big chicken that doesn't want to end up upside down in the Swan River.