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06 December 2010

Old Perth Road Markets - Bassendean

The Sunday before last I woke up with a spring in my step so I went down the road and bought M and I some coffees and a newspaper before heading to Bassendean to check out the Old Perth Road Markets. 

The Old Perth Road Markets are held the last Sunday of every month except his month it will be on the 18th of December this month due to Christmas.  They close down the road and have stalls of all different varieties including beauty products, food stalls, craft stalls and even one which had leather made from Cane Toads! 

It was quite a warm day so when we walked past this Tropical Sno van we stopped and got a cup full of the flavoured ice. The flavour was Blue Raspberry and we got a small cup which was only $2.50. It was a nice treat for a hot day. 

If you want some more information on the Old Perth Road Markets click here for their website.

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