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29 August 2010

Galaxy Drive In, Under the stars!

So one of the reasons I started this blog was to showcase some of the activities you can do  in Perth. I hear a lot of people say there isn’t anything to do. I don’t believe this but I do think you just have to work harder to find things to do.

So last night we went to the Galaxy Drive In in Kingsley. I love the drive ins! It is so cheap compared to the normal movies as it is $10 per person and that includes two movies on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.
Plus, you can take anything you want into there which you can't do at the normal cinemas. So we took some drinks, and a mixture of sweet and savoury treats. We have a 4wd so we loaded the back with two doonas, 6 pillows and our ugg boots. We were very cosy!

They have come a long way from when you had to place the speaker in your car. You now tune your radio to their station and the sound is perfect. Half of the thrill is definitely the atmosphere. We were rugged up in the back of our car, we could talk and it is so good knowing you are not sitting next to some random!

The movies were Salt and Karate Kid and it started at 7pm with a 15minute intermission between the two films. Salt was good but Karate Kid was dismal! Oh well.

So they place what is showing and what is coming up on their website and the movies change every couple of weeks. You can also purchase hot food and drinks from their little shop there if you didn’t bring anything.

Likes: Being able to have your own space and the ability to take any food or drinks (including alcohol!)

Dislikes: Bad movies which don’t compare to the original!

Galaxy Drive In
159 Goollelal Dr
Kingsley WA 6026
(08) 9409 9664

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  1. Hurrah! I forgot all about the drive in, I love going there. Was Salt really terrible?

    Stumbled across your blog (through Desert Darling) and love the idea behind it :)

  2. Hi Jess,

    I love the drive in too! Salt wasn't too bad, wasn't the best but it kept you on the edge of your seat.

  3. Hi there,

    I went to Galaxy Drive In too the other night and am now writing a review on it for Flourish Magazine, which is an online women magazine. I didn't manage to get any good pictures, so would you mind if we use your picture for the article? We'll write your name on the picture credit. Thanks.