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13 March 2011

Hot Night In The City

Last Friday night M met me in the city after work so we could go check out the Twilight Hawker Markets in the Murray Street Mall.  What we didn't expect was that so many other people had the same idea as us! So we had a wonder around but decided to eat elsewhere as the lines were so long!

So because we were already in the city we decided to make a night of it and check out some of the bars that we had been talking about.

The first one was The Boheme on the corner of Murray and William Street. This used to be the old Bobby Dazzlers which was a bit of a run down old pub which smelt of beer and old bread. It was renovated into a bar and restaurant and I think it is quite nice! It is a bit dark on the inside but the restaurant looked like it would be the best place to be, Surprisingly the restaurant wasn't very busy but I think they have the layout right with it being separated from the drinking crowd.
As with most bars in the city on a Friday night, it was packed with people who had finished work and wanted to let their hair down. M and I had a drink but found it a bit too crowded for what we wanted to we decided to move on. 
Venn's gift shop next to the bar
Venn, a bar and art gallery in one, had only been open for a week but when we walked down Queen Street to find it, we discovered they were already at full capacity! We decided to wait for some people to leave so we could go in. The lady at the door was very friendly and we didn't have to wait long at all before we were let in. 
Venn has an art gallery upstairs and at the moment they have a exhibition from Matt Doust on. Unfortunately for us the gallery closes at 7pm so we missed out. 

The bar is located at the back, behind the gift shop, and it includes an outdoor area as well as an area inside with tables and chairs. If you go, take the second to look up and see the upside down pot plants hanging from the roof!
M decided on a beer and I ordered a cider with ice.
Even though it was packed we were lucky enough to grab a table and chair in the corner so we could relax with our drinks. It was a bit of a mixed crowd in there but it definitely had a friendly vibe!
Venn have the option of some bar snacks  and they also do breakfast during the week. I am going to have to get up early enough one day to try it!

After our drinks we decided to get some air and head off to Wolfe Lane, located in a lane way (funnily enough titled Wolfe Lane) just off Murray Street. 
We walked up to the wooden door which opened automatically and walked into the very busy room. 

I ordered a sparkling rose but the room was full of the scent of fresh fruit, obviously from their cocktails. We headed upstairs near where the DJ was and thought it was the perfect place to go after Venn as the music kicked it up a notch and got us into the grooving mood! 
So we continued our night there and ended up having an awesome time and the perfect start to the weekend!

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