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13 February 2011

Whitlams at Joondalup Resort

M really loves The Whitlams but up until recently we hadn't had a chance to see them in concert. Then one Saturday when I was ordering my wedding flowers from Karma Floral Design, we noticed they were having a free concert in the City of Joondalup with the WA Youth Orchestra as backing music. The concert was just for City of Joondalup rate payers so I had to talk my aunty into coming with me and picking up some tickets. 

So M and I went to Joondalup Resort last Thursday night after work to attend the Valentine's Day concert. I had never been to the Joondalup Resort before and was surprised at how beautiful it was out there. We were also surprised with how many people had attended that night and how hard it was to find a good spot close to the stage.

It was a nice balmy night, perfect for sitting outside under the stars and listening to the vocals of The Whitlams and the music of the Orchestra.

Apparently they have free concerts annually for Valentine's Day so if you live close to Joondalup keep an eye out for it!

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  1. The combination of the vocals of The Whitlams and the background of the WA Youth Orchestra will be excellent. I wish I can see their performance on YouTube.