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22 February 2011

Dave Hughes at the Astor & The Fringe Festival

M and I really like going to see comedians, whats better than going home with your mouth sore from laughing?! There are a couple of places around Perth which host comedy shows each week but when we heard that Dave Hughes was coming to Perth we bought tickets knowing it would be a sell out. The Astor Theatre in Mount Lawley is so nice on the inside, a real reminder of what it used to be to go on an outing to the theatre. Dave Hughes was really funny but I thought that he used all his good material in the first 45 minutes and I was yawning for the last fifteen minutes. It could also be because it was a 9pm show and I am getting to be a nana! ha!

M and I also went to the Fringe Festival last Saturday night. The Fringe Festival is between February 4th - 26th and is held in the Cultural Centre in Northbridge. The festival has many different cabaret, comedy, burlesque, short performance and musical acts. It is held in a circus like tent called the Spiegeltent and it is like a cabaret lounge from the 1920's. We booked a 10pm show called "The Freak & The Showgirl". Well, I cant actually describe what happened in the show if I don't want to be picked up in some unsavoury google searches! Let's just say that there was an over 18 restriction on the show and really they should have warned people that there would be full frontal male and female nudity! Luckily I wasn't offended by it and found it amusing and good fun with just a little bit of shock thrown into the mix.   There is a good description of what the show is about here 

If you want to see more information on the Fringe Festival then go to


  1. OMG me and my Hubby where there as crazy was that! I definitely wasn't expecting what wound up happening but you have to love how that lady they selected got so into it haha

  2. I know! We were so shocked. I loved how the older lady got so into it, I thought she may be quite conservative at first