Perth Girl About Town

04 December 2010

A Perth Girl Visit to the Goldfields

So I had to go to Kalgoorlie for a couple of days recently and even though it was on the bottom of my wish list I don’t mind Kalgoorlie. In terms of a mining town it really isn’t that bad. I have been to Kalgoorlie a couple of times and I have previously toured the Langtrees brothel there which was definitely a an eye-opener but interesting.
I stayed at a hotel called the View on Hannan’s which is located on Hannan Street. The hotel was quite nice and they had a restaurant on the side called The Blue Monkey which I was keen to try for breakfast when I saw they had a sign out the front reading “Best Coffee in Town”. So I went inside and got a table.
I looked at the menu and it is heavily based around egg dishes. I ended up deciding on a cappuccino and a croissant ($5.50) without butter and jam but with mushrooms and bacon on the side ($3.50 for each side).
The coffee was served and I was immediately disappointed to discover it was Grinders coffee. Just a personal preference but I don’t like Grinders at all. It is owned by Coca Cola and it can be purchased at supermarkets. I found the coffee to be bitter and not smooth at all.

Then my breakfast was served.  I don’t understand why it had a pile of bean sprouts in the middle but that wasn’t my main concern. They had cut my croissant and toasted it. Not good. Aren’t croissants meant to be light, fluffy and flaky? Not dry and burnt. The worst thing is that I didn’t even have any butter to put on it as I had said I didn’t need any.  The mushrooms weren’t cooked properly either. When I took them out of the bowl they were served in, it had a pool of black liquid.
So I ended up eating less than half of the croissant, the bacon and a little of the mushrooms. The mug of coffee was left over half full.  Thank god I had a good book (Portia De Rossi - Unbearable Lightness, loved it and finished it in two days!).
Anyway, I will leave you with some of my pictures of Kalgoorlie, including a couple of the Super Pit.


  1. Sorry my dear, random place to put this, but come to Swanbourne and try out Bookcaffe and Choux cafe!

  2. Thanks Tori! I have been to the Bookcaffe in the past but that was a few years back now.

    I must get to Choux Cafe soon! I went to the Chittering Food and Wine Festival a couple of months ago and bought some macaroons from there, they were delicious!