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22 December 2010

The Breakwater - Hillarys Marina

So one sunny Sunday K and I decided to head north towards The Breakwater at Hillary’s Boat Harbour. It turned out to be a great day as one of my oldest friends G was there with a group. 
I grew up in the northern suburbs but moved away when I bought my house.  Because of this, I hadn’t been to the Breakwater since it had its major overhaul.  It is quite nice inside and it had an upper level for functions, as well as plenty of outside seating. First of all we decided to grab some drinks and with it being such a warm day I was in a cider type mood. This mood quickly disappeared when I discovered all that they had was Five Seeds. I find that Five Seeds cider is quite sickly sweet so after perusing the beverage list I decided on the Jacobs Creek 3 Vines Rose ($9). 

It was so beautiful sitting in the sun over the water with some good friends and a glass of wine.  

It was after lunch but none of us had eaten so we went and grabbed the bar menu.  I decided on the Seafood platter ($25) which consisted of salt and pepper calamari, Seared scallops, beer batter barramundi, garlic prawns and roll mops. 

K decided on one of the gourmet pizzas ($19) which had the following toppings; bocconcini, roma tomato, basil & kalamata olives. G didn’t order any food but his friends ordered the salt and pepper squid ($21) with some chips ($8). 

My seafood platter was really nice (well except the rollmops but G had those) and K really liked her pizza. So the food disappeared quite quickly between all of us. 
I don’t think I would go out of my way to head up there when I have so many good pubs closer to home but I had such a good time chatting, drinking and sitting in the sun with some good friends that I would definitely go back if they wanted to.

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