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08 October 2010

Royal East Perth - Strawberry Daiquiri Sunday!

Recently all the weekends have been sensationally sunny and on one particular Sunday, my friend K and I wanted to go somewhere for a drink where we could sit in the sun and have a few cocktails. We decided on the Royal in East Perth as it is on the water and is quiet enough to have a good chat as well.

We arrived at about 3pm, paid our $6 for an hour and a half of parking and managed to get a table in the sun.  A waiter helped us with some menus and soon after we decided to share a tasting plate. I can't remember how much it was but I think around $30. I did remember to take a picture but not before we started hoeing into it already! The plate was nice, it had chorizo, which was nice and crispy, along with satay chicken, quiche, olives and bread with dips. 

I ordered a glass of champagne (les petites vignettes crémant nv  burgundy, France) which was $11 and K ordered a Strawberry Daiquiri ($18.40). 

As soon as the drinks had come out I wished I had ordered the same! Hers was decorated with a cherry as well as a strawberry on the top. Needless to say that when it came to ordering for the next round, I decided to get one.  The cocktails were nice and refreshing with a good kick to them. As I wasn’t driving I could indulge in a few more than K.  I did find it odd though that the cocktails had very exact prices. There were some on the menu priced at $19.55! 

At about 4:30, when our parking was due to be topped up, we decided to go for a drive to the Inglewood so we wouldn’t have to keep paying for parking.  It turned out to be a good move as the Daiquiris were only $15 and they were a lot nicer.  Keep in mind that this opinion is from someone who consumed 5 or 6 during the day! 

The Royal is a nice place to go for a meal and the view in Claisebrook Cove is awesome. I will definitely be going back there but if it is for cocktails I may just stay more local and head to the Inglewood. 

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