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19 October 2010

Double Lucky Leederville

Last Saturday I turned 25 so in celebration of this I decided to have drinks at Double Lucky in Leederville.  It has been open about two years but I hadn’t been there until recently. It is located behind the Niche bar, down a little alleyway.
Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of the night as I forgot my camera(!). I can tell you though that it is unpretentious, relaxed and fun! They play house music and there are plenty of couches and chairs if you wanted to sit down.  Some places can be very particular about what people wear and I liked the fact that my friend could get in with jeans and a shirt! It is also good not to feel like the oldest person in the room! 

They have yummy cocktails, and I can personally recommend the vodka cocktail “Tastes Like Dancing”.  They muddle fresh lime and strawberries in the bottom of the glass; add vodka, Chartreuse and Chambord. Yum! 
 If you are looking for somewhere to go in Leederville which is relaxed and fun, head on down to Double Lucky. 

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