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29 August 2010

Millpoint Caffe & Bookstore

So M and I yesterday went to see a photographer for our wedding in May. She was lovely and we booked her after having a chat and seeing some of her work. It is good to cross another thing off the list. So that makes it a grand total of two things organised! Well three if you count the ceremony/reception as two different things.

Anyway, as it was such a beautiful day and as we were feeling accomplished, we thought we should go out for lunch somewhere. M suggested the Millpoint Caffe and Bookstore as he had gone there once with some friends and he was really impressed by the size of their milkshakes. I was happy because it mixed two of my favourite things, books and food!

As we walked in we were greeted by the waitresses and we could see a selection of sandwiches and rolls in the fridge out the front of the café. The waitress then informed us they also have a menu we could order from so we took a menu and got a table in the beautiful outside area. They have a big variety of options, including salads, sandwiches and Turkish breads as well more substantial meals including burgers and pastas. I also saw they have quite a good breakfast menu which is served until 3pm. What was strange was that I realised M was the only male sitting outside! All the other people were group of females sitting and having a coffee/meal. Nothing wrong with that but it just struck me as strange.

After going through all the options, M decided on a Steak Burger ($15.50) and comprised of steak, fried onions, Swiss cheese, bacon, beetroot, tomato, & Dijon mustard with a salad on the side. I really wanted the Toasted turkey, brie & avocado sandwich ($10) but ended up deciding on the Smoked Salmon Bagel ($15.50) which had cream cheese and capers with a garden salad on the side. We also ordered a banana milkshake and spearmint milkshake and they were $5.50 each.

M had sat down for about 2 minutes when our milkshakes came out and they were huge! I couldn’t believe how big they were! It must have been close to 1 litre of milk. They were so nice to have on a warm day and the banana one was made with just the right ratio of milk to ice-cream to flavouring.

Not too long after our meals arrived at our table and I immediately had menu envy. There was nothing wrong with the bagel that I had ordered but I just wished I had gone with my first thought of ordering the Turkey Turkish roll. Anyway, the bagel was nice but had a bit too much cream cheese for my liking. M loved his steak sandwich and even commented that it was the best steak sandwich in Perth. I’m not sure about that but it looked like it had a good mixture of salad and steak.

The garden salad on the side was just a simple salad comprising of fancy lettuce, tomato and capsicum with a balsamic dressing.

Once we had finished our meals, the plates were taken away quite quickly by a very polite waitress asking us how are meals were. We were going to have a coffee after our meals but after we saw our mammoth milkshakes we couldn’t stomach the idea of any more milk!

The Millpoint Caffe and Bookstore is definitely a lovely place to go for a nice lunch with seats inside as well as an outside area. The staff were lovely and attentive which is always a good thing. We will definitely be going back there, especially if we are in the mood for a milkshake.

Likes: Quick, friendly service

Dislikes: Wishing you had ordered something different! Oh well, next time

Their menu is on their website if you wanted to see there other food options.

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  1. Ooh I love this place- I have bought heaps of books here but dont think I have ever eaten- must try it! Love a good steak sandwich and partial to milkshakes too