Perth Girl About Town

23 August 2010

C'est Si Bon!

Hello, welcome to my first ever post. I hope to come back here regularly, to write about my upcoming wedding (May 2011), my adventures around Perth (not as boring as some might think) and life in general. So for now, have a good day and we'll chat soon!


  1. Yay for Perth!! I didn't appreciate how rad it was until I moved away. I miss it so!
    My Grandma always said 'there is no such thing as boring places, only boring people'

    I have added your blog to my blog roll and looking forward to hearing more about your wedding and good times in Perth

  2. Thanks Emmie!

    I definitely agree with what you wrote! I love finding things to do around Perth and my partner and I always read about what is happening in and around Perth.